Department of Engineering Science, Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering,
The University of Electro-Communications


Our research includes the development of biodevices (photodetector with the visual function, position sensitive detector, and image filter mimicking receptive field) applying photosynthetic protein that resembles visual pigments. Using an inkjet printer, we also apply the protein and conductive polymers to photovoltaic elements.
We perform joint research projects with: Chiba University, Shimane University, and Yamagata University.


Ms. Kawahara and Mr. Uchiyama (M2) received UEC Student Award
Ms. Kawahara (M2) received "the OSA student prize" at Optics & Photonics Japan 2019
Prof. Jean-Michel Nunzi (Queen's Univ., Canada) came oue lab. and gave a research seminar, "Molecular glass and antenna photovoltaics"
A patent on "Protein-based optical filters" has been released (2017-044526)
"Protein-based optical filters" was published in Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun
"Protein-based optical filters for image processing" was published in SPIE Newsroom

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Faculty Members
 ProfessorYoshiko Okada-Shudo
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Graduate Students
 D2 S. Kako
 M2 A. Aiuchi
 M2 T. Uchiyama
 M2 T. Ochiai
 M2 S. Kawanaka
 M2 K. Kawahara
 M1 A. Kuriyama
 M1 T. Saitho
 M1 K. Funaki
Undergraduate Students
 B4 J. Ohtsubo
 B4 K. Takano
Research student
  Z. Xu